Since 2010, it has been an honor and a pleasure for "The LINKS" to be part of the Merrymakers performers, they are an incredible organization!

About Merrymakers 

Merrymakers Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to brightening the lives of seniors and elderly through the art of quality music. Our mission statement: 

Merrymakers improves the quality of life for seniors by encouraging active participation, increasing social interaction, and sparking memories through professional musical entertainment. 

We know firsthand the transformative power of a song to lift spirits, spark old memories and reconnect the aging and ailing with a sense of feeling alive. That’s why Merrymakers provides live, musical performances to over 150 Nebraska and Iowa senior facilities. 

Each care center receives a monthly visit from Merrymakers. Hands clap, toes tap, and sleepy eyes twinkle. Residents enjoy a  variety of quality performances that suit all musical preferences. 

Learn More About What Merrymakers offers:

Music is Important. 

Our favorite songs have a hold on us — each one attached to a memory. At Merrymakers, we provide the music that brings back memories and the moments that remind us just how good life can be.