The Links Today

You will find Mary performing regularly in the senior market, playing independent and assisted living facilities in Omaha, Lincoln and surrounding areas. Playing music from eras gone by brings back lots of fond memories to our older generation. Mary has also been apart of the Merrymakers nonprofit organization in Omaha since 2010.  Diana retired in 2023 but joins Mary on occasion as a special guest.


Mary Link - Vocals/Guitar


I was born & raised in Omaha, Nebraska and fell in love with country music at a very young age. I was taught to play bass from my Aunt Tootie, and was thrilled to have music around me. I just couldn't get enough! I joined my first band at the age of 12, and have been singing and playing ever since. After graduating from Millard South High School, I couldn't wait to go into music full time. That's all I ever wanted to do! I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet and start my music career with my good friend and mentor "Johnny Ray Gomez." He truly taught me how to be a professional performer & entertainer. "Thank you so much Johnny Ray"...

In 1985, I moved to Reno, Nevada,  married Jimmy Link, and became one of "The Links". We performed the Las Vegas, Reno & Tahoe circuit together and of course, the Midwest. Now, after raising our two boys and living back here in Omaha, we are still having fun entertaining audiences. I feel so blessed to also be performing with my very dear friend, Diana Sapp.  We started together with our first band, "Young & Restless", back in 1975.

Life is so good and I am so thankful...

Diana Van Moorleghem - Vocals/Keyboards


Born in Keosauqua, Iowa and raised in Omaha, Nebraska I am truly a midwest girl. Even though my parents were not musical I attribute my love for music, especially country, to my mother who played records every night as the final tasks were being done for the day.

I have had the joy of singing and playing keyboard for several local groups since I began my musical career in the late 70’s. I am now currently performing with The Links originally from Reno, Nevada. As a part of these various groups I had the opportunity to perform with many accomplished artists including my all time favorite Reba McEntire.

I feel very blessed with my God given talents and I look forward to singing and playing for you in the very near future.

Jimmy Link - Vocals/Keyboards

What to say? I have spent the better part of my life doing what I love, entertaining audiences all across the country. A little music, a little magic, a little laughter and lots of great friendships. I am blessed with five incredible sons, a very tolerant wife and two great dogs. After golfing almost every day, running seven full marathons, piloting my own airplane and a small part in a movie with Clint Eastwood, I can now occasionally be found on stage with two very pretty girls, my wife, Mary, and Diana Sapp. Life is still filled with a little music, a little magic and a little laughter. Would I change anything? Only the winters here in Nebraska. As my dad used to say “It just doesn’t get any better than this.”

The Links Legacy

Where to begin? Hmm.....Lets see.....The Civil War was in “63”.....and then there was THE LINKS.
Two generations before John and Jim started entertaining, audiences through out the Mid-West listened to the incredible vocal harmonies of the BOB-O-LINKS. Grandpa Link, Uncle Bob Link, and father, Richard Link, were heard daily on WCCO Radio, out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

John and Jim knew at a very early age, music would be their calling. After studying music for twelve years it was time to take the show on the road. THE LINKS performed all across the country, and finally settled in Reno, Nevada.

Performing with John and Jim throughout the years were, Dick Cedarstrom, Stan Galli, Mark Ashworth, Steve Knight and Larry Ringstad. In 1985, while traveling through Omaha, John and Jim stopped in to Anthony's Steak House to see the Johnny Ray Gomez show. Performing with Johnny Ray was singer, bass player, Mary Howard. Mary joined THE LINKS and married Jim in 1986.

After twenty five years, and many great memories, THE LINKS performed their last show, in February, 1989, at the Show Boat Hotel, in Las Vegas, Nevada.